Book Review: Much Obliged, Jeeves by P.G.Wodehouse

wodehouse 002Need a break?  Did you just look through 3314 pairs of booties at Zappo’s
and are you seeing double?  Stop, take a little break from Christmas
shopping and enjoy some P.G.Wodehouse.

This little romp with Bertie and Jeeves, masquerading as a novel,  features
a notebook that Jeeves keeps.  It records all the messes that Bertie seems to
get himself involved in—and includes some incidents that could be embarrassing
if brought to the public’s eye.  For instance, the time Bertie was caught red-handed
pilfering some silver.  Surely a misunderstanding!

But Jeeves belongs to the Junior Ganymede club and is obliged to relate any
such incidents–as are his fellow butlers, valets are about their charges.  Jeeves
assures Bertie that no one will ever know outside the Junior Ganymede club
where the members commiserate with each other about their problems with
their employers.

But of course, the book of prized uncouth incidents does get stolen and Bertie
is in danger of losing the girl he admires and his reputation, etc etc.

Guess what!  Jeeves comes to the rescue and you needn’t worry one bit, nor
should Bertie.

I had read this book a few years ago, but no fear because all the Wodehouse
books follow a pretty predictable easygoing nonsensical lovely plot and it’s
hard to tell one from another.  Enjoy!

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    These narratives have a timeless quality about them.
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