Christmas Snapshots 1953

Christmas Tree 1953 click to enlarge ©booksandbuttons

Christmas Tree 1953 click to enlarge

This was my Christmas tree when I was growing up in 1953.  You can see
the upright piano on the left where I played The Girl at the Piano.  We had
the tree in the dining room because that is where the “bay window” was.
We were so proud of the “bay window”!  To the right of the tree, at that
wall, was the front door.  And outside there was a small wooden front porch
where Mom would have wrapped red ribbons around the porch columns
and put a leather strap of sleigh bells by the door to ring for entry.

This is a snapshot of me sitting in a Duncan Phyfe style dining room chair.
I was wearing a red taffeta dress that my mother had made and I had just
come home from the Christmas Dance at school.



I have good memories of Christmas in those days.  A bunch of us
kids really did go caroling around town–and were invited in for
hot cocoa.  It was COLD in upstate New York when I was growing
up and being asked inside was a treat.

There was always snow for Christmas, always.  I remember one of
my December birthdays we went to the movies in a town about
twenty miles away—and saw “White Christmas”–you know, the
one with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, Vera Miles and
Danny Kaye.  And when we came out of the movies, it was
snowing big fat flakes–wonderful.

One of my favorite books from when I was young is this little book
of carols.  It was published as a promotion by John Hancock Insurance.
I guess the picture on its cover is about as good as any Christmas wish
I could send along to you.  Peace, joy, love, from booksandbuttons.



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