The Menu for the Three Soup Supper

Delicious!  the three soup selections were:

Stracciatella————–an Italian egg drop soup known
as “rags” with fresh spinach added, parmesan to sprinkle on top

Cabbage-Potato Soup———creamy and tasty


Hearty Vegetable Soup with Italian turkey sausage and cannelloni beans,
thick with vegetables.

On a table nearby were cheese selections and olives and crackers.  Big
hunks of brown and white breads sat on wooden boards ready to slice.
And a large roast turkey breast added to the feast.

Wine was flowing, and later in the evening Death by Chocolate cake was
served, along with two fresh pies—-pecan? and apple nut?

On our way home, the fog had lifted, the rain had stopped and the shining
road glittered under the streetlamps.  Nice evening.

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2 Responses to The Menu for the Three Soup Supper

  1. FictionFan says:

    Sounds like a wonderful feast! Hope you saved me a bit of Death by Chocolate cake…

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