National Jigsaw Puzzle Day! Jan 29

Yes, it’s National Jigsaw Puzzle Day!  I hope you have the day
off as I do . . .

I have a pretty interesting puzzle going—one from the Dickens
Museum House in London.  It shows little scenes from all his
books—and in quite good detail I must say:

Dickens jigsaw puzzle 006

There is only one problem–well, 1000 problems, because
there are 1000 pieces!  AND, the pieces are all shaped alike,
so if one (you) weren’t looking carefully, you’d think any old
piece could go any old where:

Dickens jigsaw puzzle 009

see? it sort of fits, but THIS is the correct one (until
you find another maroon snowy one that also fits!)

Dickens jigsaw puzzle 011

You know this blushing bride, right?
Dickens jigsaw puzzle 008

This will be a lot of fun to do—and might last until
NEXT January 29 . . . help me find edge pieces, will you?

Dickens jigsaw puzzle 002

And then downstairs  I have this one going, also snowy–
I think you’ll like this 1000 piece puzzle, too.  Can you name
this one?
snow, puzzle 003

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4 Responses to National Jigsaw Puzzle Day! Jan 29

  1. Booksilver says:

    Ooh, these both look fun! I just put a couple of pieces in on my wintry puzzle, to honor NJPD!

  2. FictionFan says:

    The Dickens one looks like fun – good luck with it! I haven’t managed to teach the cats not to jump on jigsaws at the crucial moment or eat the pieces…in fact, I haven’t really managed to teach these cats much at all! Maybe I should get a jigsaw of huge scary dogs…

    • booksandbuttons says:

      The cat problem seems endemic–but at our house, it’s Woody, the dog,
      who is hardly a puzzle attacker, but will nibble briefly on any fallen
      piece . . .and another is a grandchild who thinks it a lark to hide
      a piece! Luckily, I don’t mind if a puzzleis missing a piece—
      makes it more of a mystery (puzzle).

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