Book Club Meeting–two books

The winter storms have played havoc with our book club schedule,
but we finally squeezed in a meeting this week.  We had two books
to review:  Beethoven’s Hair by Russell Martin, and
Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver.  I have posted my reviews
of these already—hunt in the search box upper right of screen–but
I was interested to hear what the club thought, too.

Would these be good choices for your club?  Well, B’s hair got mixed
reviews—with everyone in agreement about the interesting companions
he had—-Chopin, Liszt, Schumann and interesting to get a little
sunlight on their music and conspiracies and jealousies.   And everyone
strongly agreed that the part of the book dealing with the Danes and their
brave struggles to help the Jews in World War II was the best part of all.

Some members though, felt that the research into Beethoven’s health
issues was invasive, and that the poor man had suffered enough and
it was no one’s business how or of what he died.  But—–a different
sort of book to read and all claimed they were glad they read it even if
it wasn’t a favorite of all time.

Attention: the Kingsolver book, Flight Behavior, received lots and lots
of discussion!  A good choice for a book club.  Since I’ve already written a
review on this one you know that I was concerned about the ending.  Well,
so was everyone else.  One member read until 3 o’clock in the morning to
find the ending disappointing.  Others argued about it.  Of course, I’m
not going to tell you how it ended, but we did agree that Ms Kingsolver
kind of hurried the last 20 pages up in hurricane fashion and left us
saying, “What?”


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