The Fitness Class

♫ ♫”Fly Me to the Moon” ( 6, 7)  “and let me play among the
stars” (6,7,8).  “Let me see what spring is like on (1, 2)
a-Jupiter and Mars.”(6, 7, 8)  *

There I am–in the fitness class.  Marching, stepping, reaching,
grapevining.  Fulfilling a Christmas promise to sign up for the gym.
Aaargh, the gym.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear.  I wore my
old basic workout stuff for the introductory visits and the tour.  But
now for a “real” class–

Something not too warm, and not too chilly—big fans in that room.
So, I chose my new black yoga pants (LL Bean) and a black and white
top from Talbot’s that I bought, oh six or seven years ago that I hate.
That would be perfect—-would get some use out of it.  So I dressed
quickly, looked in the mirror—omg, I need the gym all right and
ran downstairs not to be late.  But—-! couldn’t do it, just couldn’t
go out in public in that top!!!  So grabbed a favorite little polka dot
top and off I went.

Place was packed!  January?  Everybody hellbent to exercise? Unlikely.

♫ ♫ “She gets too hungry (6,7) for  (1,2) dinner at eight . . .”*
“Reach up folks, reach for the stars!  Feel the stretch–add the weights!”

I needn’t have really worried about my wardrobe.  Anything goes with
that group!  The men simply don’t care what they wear . . .and the
women are ready to go to lunch directly after class.  Two women were
wearing beads—not pearls exactly, but certainly necklaces, ready for
an outing.

Today’s class will have different music, different instructor.  Variety is
good in this game to keep me going.  I hope there will be sing-alongs, too!

*thanks to Bart Howard for Fly Me to the Moon; and Rodgers and Hart
for The Lady Is a Tramp


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4 Responses to The Fitness Class

  1. Booksilver says:

    Sounds like fun — I’m inspired to head out for some exercise myself! No singalongs at my gym, but some good “workout buddies.” We trade book recommendations!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Today’s music was “Got Along without you before I met you,
      gonna get along without you now.” and “Johnny, Be Good”
      Three women wearing wool sweaters (!)

  2. FictionFan says:

    Most impressed! I have a strict exercise regime myself – page-turning and chocolate-lifting. It’s tough, but I think it’s worth it… 😉

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