Ice Storm cont’d

If you came to our house this morning, you might wonder,
but probably wouldn’t ask, why there is a scarf tied to the
fireplace doors.



Well, we had a wild and wooly night after yesterday’s ice storm, and the wind whistled
and howled, icy branches fell against our windows, and we had no power from 2 o’clock
yesterday afternoon until 6 am this morning.  I still don’t have email service.

O’Half left this morning at 8 to go to an auction.  I was upstairs getting ready to sew and
heard some noises downstairs.  Woody growled.  I called down, but no one answered.  Then
I could hear someone near the front door—shoveling? chipping ice?  couldn’t see anyone.
It almost sounded like someone digging, trying to get in.

I figured it had to be O’Half–roads too bad to travel–and chipping away at ice as we did
all day yesterday.  But—–the car wasn’t in the driveway.  It wasn’t O’Half.   Would a
kind neighbor be over, helping out?  I couldn’t see anyone.  Didn’t hear any more strange
noises.  Until I got back upstairs and looked up at a skylight.  Ha!  I mean Yikes!  A big
fat squirrel was looking right down at me!

I ran downstairs –thinking, thinking—have to keep him out of the house—what’s the
easiest way for him to get in?  The fireplace chimney!  SO.  I tied the fireplace doors
tight and let Woody out the front door with his cue words, “Squirrel, squirrel!!” and
he barked his little head off and came in smugly for his treat.

Haven’t heard any more nonsense from varmints since.

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6 Responses to Ice Storm cont’d

  1. FictionFan says:

    Ooh, that was a scary story! You assumed it might be a kind neighbour – I’d have jumped to the conclusion that it was a crazed serial killer! Maybe I read too much crime…

    • booksandbuttons says:

      It was a crazed serial squirrel! (and yes, it’s possible you read
      too much crime . . .think kind neighbor thoughts.) ♫

  2. Booksilver says:

    Yikes! is right! That would have startled me right out of my socks.

    Maybe he was only trying to give you some help or advice on your puzzle. I’ll bet squirrels are very good at puzzles, with their neat little hands….

  3. Mary Jo says:

    Yikes! And, toooo funny! Glad your electricity is back on.

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