Another Fitness Class

“Bar bar bar bar Barbara Ann  ♫
Bar bar bar bar Barbara Ann
Barbara Ann
Take my hand
You got me rockin’ and a rollin’
Rockin’ and a reelin’
Barbara Ann . . .”*

Another fitness class chalked up.  Weather has been so bad
I couldn’t get there regularly (heh-heh).

There was a substitute class leader yesterday and
that’s always a bad sign because they come in like gangbusters
and work us harder than usual.  I’ve always found that to be
the case.

Years ago, in another class, the leader would call out, “Al!
Are you ok, Al? Al?”  And he usually was.  I heard later, after
I moved away, that one day he wasn’t ok.  So I always
think as I’m exercising—–“Al?  Al?”

One woman in our class sort of fainted or something, and the
trainer escorted her out the door, down the hall, and a
wiseacre in the back said, “One down.”

I’m afraid we all goofed off, resting, while she was gone.  Still,
she was soon back and we were off again, stretching, punching.

I complain, but the music keeps me going–

“Went to a dance, looking for romance’  ♫
Saw Barbara Ann, so I thought I’d take a chance . . .”

I was busy musing whether I liked the Beach Boys version
of Barbara Ann, or the original Regents.  The Regents recorded
it in 1961—hit #13 on the charts that year.  It was five years
later that the Beach Boys recorded it and hit #2 on the charts.
I’m going to tell you that to me, (just my opinion!), to me, the
Regents will always be “Barbara Ann.”

*thanks to Fred Fassert for music and lyrics.  I mean it!
Thank you!


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2 Responses to Another Fitness Class

  1. Mary Jo says:

    The original by the Regents without any doubt!! jeepers … the BB’s version’s ok, but too soft around the edges, fluffy or something. And 1961 — oh my goodness, what music we had back then. Thanks for the reminder!
    Read a recent article about Alzheimers patients responding so well to their old music — I think they said from their age 16 – 21 years. That would be the 1960’s for me. I’m going to claim the whole decade, though … 1960 to 1969. That ought to do it!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hi again, Mary Jo–Yes, the BB’s version good, but just not quite on the mark.
      That’s good news about the Alzheimers patients. I believe it! I believe
      listening to old music can cure just about anything! “Bar bar bar . . .”♫

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