The kids came over to play last weekend.  The conversations
in the car are usually spirited with lots of interruptions.  The two
in the back seat always have a lot of school news to tell me, and
then deeper topics are brought up.

Littlest:” I know the biggest number–the biggest number in the
world.”  Last year she was beginning to be interested in large numbers
and would try to outdo us with— 100 one hundreds! and so forth.

But on Saturday, her biggest number  was, drum roll, INFINITY.
Bigger sister snorts, and older brother, in front, says, “Well, it isn’t
really a number.  It’s more of–”

And I interrupt with “It’s more of an idea.”

” . . .a CONCEPT . . .” he finishes.   Upstaging me.  I pretend I was
just trying to make it simpler for little one.

And then later I noticed that she had been working on the sudoku
puzzle in the paper.  I had started it at lunchtime earlier, the square
on the right, and she had filled in other areas.

She did a good job on the middle square I see—filling in the correct
variety of numbers, but must have gotten bored with those “baby”
numbers—and went for bigger game by entering 100, 200, 300,
up to 700 in other squares.  Cute.




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2 Responses to Sudoku

  1. FictionFan says:

    Hehe! That’s how sudoku usually makes me feel too. Tell her that the sun gives off 380,000,000,000,000,000,000 megawatts of power – that should impress them!

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