Ten Things To Take To A Desert Island


blue pearl high school beads ©boksandbuttons

blue and pearl high school beaded necklace ©booksandbuttons

Now that I’ve decided on the books I would take to a desert
island, I’m figuring out what to pack in the suitcase.  This time
I have to travel light—just one suitcase because I may be
swimming with it part of the time to get to the island . . .
What would you take?

The first thing I’d take would be a chicken.  I do love eggs, and
although there might be birds on the island, I don’t want to limit
the future birdlife by eating their eggs.  So, a chicken.

And I’d want to take my old blue bead and pearl necklace from
high school—it’s only costume jewelry, but I just love it.

I’m going to take a handkerchief–a pretty one, of course—and
that’s to spread out to catch the dew overnight and then you
wring it out and you have fresh water.  Yes, really!

Next, a small mirror—not only will it be good for catching sunlight
to start a flame in dry sticks for a fire, but would be handy for
signalling in case a freighter goes by.

I’m taking rope.  Can’t hurt.

I’ll need a pack of playing cards.  I like to play a couple of games of
solitaire at night before going to bed–to kind of sort out the day and
think about what I did or accomplished.

And even though clever people might be able to make a pretty good
bed out of leaves and sticks and thatch, I’m going to take a sleeping
bag –maybe I can make a pillow out of those leaves and sticks and

I’ll take a robe and slippers for cool evenings. (That’s ONE item:

And Tevas for use as a strong sandal for walking and stepping into
the ocean for a swim.  Let’s see, that’s nine things.

Tenth will be O’Half for company. ♫
And what would YOU take?

Guess what—tomorrow marks the beginning of
National Button Week 2014—next post!!!!!!






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2 Responses to Ten Things To Take To A Desert Island

  1. Jennifer says:

    OK! I’m in the midst of spring cleaning, and so I’m practicing minimalist thinking. So I would bring:
    1.) Sewing & craft kit because I’ll have time to make some clothes and shoes from things I find on the island and carve a set of dishes. These will make nice souvenirs when I get home. This will include scissors; knives; needle; assorted threads and twines.
    2.) Art supplies — (I assume that I don’t have wireless so I won’t be working.) This will include a sketch book, colored pencils and pens.
    3.) Frying pan
    4.) Change of clothes (dress in layers)
    5.) Emergency kit (tarp, rope, waterproof matches)

    You’ve already given us ten books. I won’t need that many because I’m bringing a couple of anthologies.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Spring Cleaning!! You ARE the optimist! Ha-ha-ha–didn’t you folks just
      get a new foot of snow? Anyway, good ideas—yes, it would be lovely to
      have lots of time to be crafty. And a frying pan—great idea. I wonder
      what we’ll be “catching” and frying. Just fish I hope.
      Thanks for your input—

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