National Button Week 2014 Part III “The Ladies” (Liverpool transfer)

Liverpool transfer button is 1 1/8" in diameter. ©booksandbuttons

Liverpool transfer button is 1 1/8″ in diameter. ©booksandbuttons

This is an early button dating to the mid 1800s and
known as a Liverpool button.  Ah, you think, Liverpool:
Strawberry Field and Penny Lane, the Beatles.  Nope . . .

these Liverpool buttons  might not even have been made
in Liverpool, England, but were named for a transfer process
that started there.  They were most likely made in Paris.

They are made of pottery and were often black on white
backgrounds.  Classical heads are seen frequently, but
sometimes birds and animals are found.   I have another
Liverpool transfer button, with a brass metal band, but
it depicts a man, so I can’t show it this week!  (Ladies week)

I see them for sale once in a while, and would like to buy them,
but often they are worn or really expensive.  But I keep looking.

My lady button has a fancy hairdo and is a nice size–about
1 1/8″.  It has some roughness around the edge, but I consider
it in pretty good condition otherwise.  Remember, these buttons
are from early to mid 1800s.

It helps to have a good magnifying glass with you when you
go button hunting.  What you don’t see when you’re buying
you WILL see every time you look at it at home once you
know there is a flaw!

magnifying glass 002

You want to see the back of this interesting button–
and it might surprise you.  How can a button so beautiful
and fragile looking on the front look like this on the back?

back of Liverpool transfer button ©booksandbuttons

back of Liverpool transfer button ©booksandbuttons

It shows that it really is made of pottery.

Next time we’ll continue with The Ladies.  Buttons
that have interesting backmarks of Paris  will be
featured.  I’ll save you a seat up front.


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