National Button Week 2014 Part V “The Ladies” (backgrounds)

Isn’t this a nice button?  It dates to about 1870 and was
probably used on a dress.  The figure is brass,  . . .

button with brass profile on velvet 7/8" diameter ©booksandbuttons

button with brass profile on velvet 7/8″ diameter ©booksandbuttons   CLICK TO ENLARGE

with a deep purple velvet background and
surrounded by a brass ring.

Sometimes buttons with velvet were used as
“perfume” buttons.  Ladies would sprinkle the velvet
backing with perfume to carry the scent all day.  I don’t
know if one of this size — 7/8″–would have been used for
that purpose.  Usually, the perfume buttons are smaller.

The other featured button today is again, a brass profile of
a lady and I think this one is on a black leather background
with a wide brass ring surrounding the whole.  It is a “large”
button, measuring 1 3/8 inch in diameter.  Let’s call it
Victorian in age, shall we?

button with brass profile on leather background 1 3/8" diameter ©booksandbuttons

button with brass profile on leather background one and 3/8″ diameter ©booksandbuttons

Both of these pretty buttons have a plain tin back with a
plain loop for a shank.

unmarked button backs ©booksandbuttons

unmarked button backs ©booksandbuttons

Each of these buttons is considered a “picture” button and
some collectors specialize in this type, and even narrow their
search for specific categories of picture buttons–like
nursery rhymes–or ladies!

I think some of you are falling off the NBW wagon, (oh, you two
are still here? )   but I must go on—-tomorrow, Part 6, will
feature 3 ladies—secret theme (!)–and we’ll end the week with
a potpourri of lady buttons that didn’t fit in anywhere else.


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