National Button Week 2014 Part VI “The Ladies” (white glass)

Short and sweet today with three buttons.  Honk three times
if you have seen one of them already this week!

three "milk glass" buttons ©booksandbuttons

three “milk glass” buttons ©booksandbuttons  CLICK TO ENLARGE

Do you know how hard it is to get three kids in a
photo all looking good?  Well, it’s the same with these
three buttons–hitting the light strangely or not in

Still—these three–click to enlarge!–each have a
feature of old WHITE  or OPAL glass or
a newer term for an older button—MILK glass.
Each has a lady, each mid to late 1800s, and the one on
the left named “Jenny Lind” after a celebrated
opera star who was brought to this country by none
other than P.T. Barnum to wow the crowds at his shows.

The Jenny Lind button is 3/8″, the Roman looking gal
1 1/8″, and the Parisback  5/8″.  See backs of buttons
below . . .

backs of some buttons with white glass©booksandbuttons

backs of some buttons with white glass©booksandbuttons

Tomorrow is the finale of NBW–with a variety of lady

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