Out Like a Lamb

Ha! out like a lamb indeed.  March 25th and *cold* and gloomy
here.  There will be one more “dusting” of snow tonight and
then that had better be it!  In the meantime . . .

I am busily doing some work to make the time fly until I
can get outside comfortably to rake out flower beds and
clean up the last sticks and branches adorning the lawn.

It’s kind of cheery to make a flowery dress for a doll–and
a good way to pass the time.  Also have gotten out some
stray balls of yarn, including a “ladder” yarn of Bernat
Matrix and will try to make a skinny scarf.  Will let you
know how that goes.

Almost finished with Nicholas Nickleby, too, and have made
myself a deadline of March 31st for it.  Like it a lot.

And dipping into the April book club selection—Destiny of
a Republic by Candace Millard—nonfiction—bio of President
James Garfield—and I think it will be kind of like The Devil
in the White City sort of structure  . . .

dress fabric 001
That’s the news from Pennsylvania.  Bye for now.

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4 Responses to Out Like a Lamb

  1. FictionFan says:

    We’ve had no snow to speak of this winter, but constant rain. Mind you, it’s rained solidly for the last couple of years now even in what we laughingly call our summer. Last year the ground was so waterlogged the grass barely grew – no lawnmowing, yay!! So I’m doing a raindance for this summer again… 😉

    Destiny of a Republic looks as if it could be great – looking forward to hearing what you think of it…

    • booksandbuttons says:

      !!! Rain for two years? And I’m thinking that Scotland and the
      Shetland Islands might be this year’s getaway destination? Dare
      I? Dast I?
      I’ve never been to Scotland nor Wales, and Woody is from the
      Shetland Islands—or his great great grandfather was I suppose—
      not that Woody would be going. But O’Half would be, and I’m wondering
      if the dank weather would curb his enthusiasm. Are there any pubs?
      😉 Do you expect sunshine in late August?

      • FictionFan says:

        I wish I could say the weather will be beautiful in August – and indeed it might be. The problem is we never really know in advance. We do usually get some sunshine in July/August but the last few years have been particularly wet (maybe global warming). The East coast tends to be drier but colder (Edinburgh/Dundee/Aberdeen) but the West coast (Glasgow/the Highlands & Islands) tends to be wet and warm-ish. Of course, that’s why the countryside is so beautiful in the West – all those greens and purples…like Ireland. Shetland (I’m so going to be unpopular with the Tourist Board) tends to be wet and very windy – but very lovely if you’re dressed for it! Have I convinced you to come? 😉

        On the other hand, Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world, the people are lovely and there’s at least one pub on every corner…and in the big(ish) cities (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee) there’s plenty to do even when it rains…

        • booksandbuttons says:

          Well, I can hardly hold you responsible for the weather–
          especially in the future. I liked the part where “Scotland
          is the most beautiful country in the world”—and am
          wondering if there are lots of book stores (and button
          stores!)in those big(ish) cities . . .we like walking
          around cities.Will keep you posted and in the meantime
          I’ll do a little scouting around on my own. Thanks
          for your help.

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