Spring means Summer . . .

And summer means swimming.

And swimming means swimsuits.

A girl who has spent some time first thing in the morning
trying on old swimsuits deserves to do whatever she wants
for the rest of the day.

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4 Responses to Spring means Summer . . .

  1. Mary Jo says:

    So funny!! LOL’ing big time. I tried on … oh, some time ago (my building has an indoor pool into which I have yet to step … if they allowed pedal-pushers in the pool, I’d be there!) and have been in a state of do-nothing about it, since. I do think the LLBean styles look nice though, in the ads, so one of these days may proceed in that direction, vs “hide”. I’m thinking, something bright and colorful, which could distract the eye … or, black skirt style, with bold tankini style top. It’s a thought anyway.
    Oh also – hope you do take that Scotland trip! Sounds great. I’m reading John Guy’s True Life of Mary Stuart Queen of Scots, but that’s just a sidebar; what’s important is, if the weather turns this way or that, how about some beautiful new Scottish clothing?? Sounds divine.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hi Mary Jo!
      *Love* the pedal pushers idea!! Maybe we can start a trend.
      Lands End suits claim to make one look “ten pounds lighter”
      (not that I have any need for that, heh-heh). Which reminds
      me–I borrowed a library book–how to look 10 pounds lighter
      without dieting—renewed it three times! the big secret?
      ditch the turtlenecks for v-necks. Now who is going to
      ditch a turtleneck?
      Your Scotland book sounds good–my mother loved to read
      about the kings and queens of merry old England and Scotland.
      Swimsuits: how about black skirt to the floor style?

  2. FictionFan says:

    Haha! If you’re planning to swim outdoors in Scotland you’ll need a full-body knitted suit…and possibly some whale-fat! The Mary Queen of Scots book is great, by the way – highly recommended. I’m pretty sure John Guy fell in love with her while he was writing it…

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Ha! I would have to shop for that knitted suit–but already
      have some whale fat . . .
      That’s sweet about John Guy and Mary Queen of Scots.

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