Fitness Class Update

Today it was announced that there would be a new class
offered—one not as diligent as ours, not as “advanced”.

If a class can get any less strenuous than ours, I’d be surprised.

Yet, it seems some come to our class and can’t keep up.  I know
I should be going an extra mile—-going to the zumba class where
a “real” person who was on BROADWAY leads the group.  I tell
myself I’ll do that as soon as I’m in shape . . .

Actually, I would like to know how old everyone is in my class.
I suggested we line up by age, but no one took me up on it.

Today I got a little closer to the front where I could actually see
the leader giving us the moves.  There are usually VERY TALL
people who are there early and want a good spot.   When this
happens, and I’m stuck in  the back of the room, I just try to
watch a “do-gooder” who knows the routine—and follow her–
it’s never a him.  The hims just dawdle along halfheartedly.

The ones who are late to class have no chance for a “good spot”.
One woman arrived today, a regular, arrived even after the bins
were closed up front by the mirrors, and had to march up there
and find a ball, weights and stretch band—but she bravely did so,
waving and winking at everyone she knew on the way back to her
place–Hillary couldn’t have done better.

“IN THE NAVY” (yes, you can sail the seven seas!) IN THE NAVY . . .
and on it goes.  People say time flies, but believe me, if you want
to slow time down a bit, join an exercise class.  You’ll watch that
clock for 45 minutes like class will never end.  Stand on one leg,
swing the other in a circle—don’t hang on;  stand on the other
leg, swing opposite leg, close your eyes—don’t hang on!  Stand
there until your hip shouts “I give up!”

Bounce the ball (easy) once, twice, thrice,  (easy) but once you
start throwing it in the air—ha! pandemonium hits the room.
And don’t even ask about bounce, then throw, bounce, then–

“THERE’S A PLACE FOR  US” –by the time the final stretch music
comes on—or as I like to think of it the “final rest” music  . . . we’re
ready and I begin to yawn and could take a nice nap.   The music is
really intoxicating for some reason.  Could it be it was a good workout?


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4 Responses to Fitness Class Update

  1. Buttondeb says:

    I love the idea of lining everyone by age…then you could do it by height, then weight, etc. the criteria are virtually endless — numbers of grandchildren, surgeries, countries visited….It would be fun and funny, and it’s own kind of workout!
    And if you line up according to best humor writer, you, my friend, are number one!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Lining up by age for some reason didn’t seem to go over very well. But, I think, there might be a real possibility of lining up by the number of surgeries, and then by sub-catagories – back, “feminine’, etc. And those are always good conversation starters…

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