Dryocopus pileatus

Good morning!  Huge storm plowed through last
night with fierce winds and heavy rain.  Sometimes
strange weather shakes nature up a bit.

Sunday morning when O’Half and I were having eggs
for breakfast with the Sunday papers, I had a nice
surprise—a two yolked egg!  Something special is
going to happen today for me I thought.

But Sunday came and went without much of a sign.
Monday was Memorial Day and I took the grandkids
to the parade.  *This* will be day, and I waited for a
special event.  And, although we had fun,  and the
parade was great

Central Bucks East marching band Memorial Day 2014 ©booksandbuttons

Central Bucks East marching band Memorial Day 2014 ©booksandbuttons

nothing out of the ordinary happened–except that the littlest one
volunteered to carry the lawn chair!!  Good, but not worthy of two yolks.

But this morning, I think my reward has hit.  I was looking out the
breakfast room window and saw a Dryocopus pileatus!  That’s pileated
woodpecker to you.  They are just the grandest of birds!  Huge and
beautiful.  And, and, wait for this—–there were TWO of them!!
Ho-ho!  there’s the two yolked sign!

By the time I found the camera, only one was still there.  But he was
fine all on his own.  As I said, strange weather shakes up nature sometimes
and these birds were doing some exploring in new territory.

I apologize for the poor photo, but if I don’t include it, you might not
believe me—-and I know you don’t believe that there were two, do you?

pileated woodpecker May 28, 2014 ©booksandbuttons

pileated woodpecker May 28, 2014 ©booksandbuttons

Click to enlarge and you still might need your specs.   He’s on the
Signing off for now—booksandbuttonsandbirds!


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  1. FictionFan says:

    I believe you! Was the other one called Howie Briggs…?

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