Ardor of Paris designer buttons

This is a specialized button post–featuring the buttons
made by the House of Ardor–La Maison Ardor.  If you
like cute little bunnies, there’s also something in this post
for you!  Announcement/Correction to this site.  A reader has
educated me about some of these buttons.  They don’t !! say
Ardor of Paris—-they are by Arcor of Paris!!  She is right!!
Who would have thought?  Thank you very much—-  I let
myself assume the back said “ardor” when I now see it says
“arcor”.   Kind of sneaky I think . . . 

Loic Allio, in his book Boutons, on page 114, begins an eight page
spread about the house d’Ardor.  If I’m translating the French
correctly, part of the text says that the firm was founded by
Victor Greidenberg and René Lemarchand.  It had started out
in decorative arts including jewelry and in the beginning featured
fantastic buttons of leather.  Buttons were produced in the 20s and 30s.

In 1939 Greidenberg left Paris for the United States and never
returned, but production continued.   Some buttons that were created
were used in Schiaparelli fashions.

I have seven buttons attributed to the Ardor of Paris line.  Most
have backmarks.  Others were identified by reputable dealers from
whom I bought them.  One, a black swirl-layered one is pictured in
the Loic Allio book on page 121.

Here are my buttons and each is followed by the BACK of the button.
I’m always curious about the back of the button, aren’t you?  By the way
–do you know the website “buttoncountry”?  It is wonderful!  Because
you select a button to look at, then hover over it, and voila! it turns to
the back!  Love it!

I have two large metal buttons that are the same design–set with
different stones, and in different sizes:  (click to enlarge photos if you like)

Ardor of Paris buttons; button at left is 2 1/4" in diameter ©booksandbuttons

Ardor Arcor of Paris buttons; button at left is 2 1/4″ in
diameter ©booksandbuttons

backmark on larger red button; ©booksandbuttons

backmark “Ardor Arcor of Paris”on larger red button; ©booksandbuttons

backmark "Ardor of Paris" on button with dark stone ©booksandbuttons

backmark “Ardor  Arcor of Paris” on button with dark stone ©booksandbuttons

Next button is unmarked.  It is a green casein button with small
gold-colored metal inserts.  It is 1 1/8″ long.

Ardor of Paris casein button with metalique embellishment; 1 1/8"; ©booksandbuttons

Ardor of Paris casein button with metalique embellishment; 1 1/8″; ©booksandbuttons

And if you look carefully at the shank, you’ll see little “legs” that
Ardor always used when attaching the shank . . .(so I’m told)

back of casein button;©booksandbuttons

back of casein button;©booksandbuttons

This next one is the one in the Loic Allio book.  It is layers of
thin celluoid with metal embellishments along the curved edges:

black celluloid Ardor of Paris button with metal embellishments; 1 1/2"; ©booksandbuttons

black celluloid Ardor of Paris button with metal embellishments; 1 1/2″; ©booksandbuttons

no backmark on celluloid button©booksandbuttons

no backmark on celluloid button©booksandbuttons

Ardor of Paris buttons featured in Boutons by Loic Allio ©booksandbuttons

Ardor of Paris buttons featured in Boutons by Loic Allio ©booksandbuttons

This next is not my finest specimen!  Kind of a blurry profile of a
man’s head.  You thought it was my camera shot, but–no, it
really looks blurry like this!  About the size of a dime, it is plastic
covered with a silver colored paint . . .as of this writing, there
are some of these same buttons offered on

backmark Ardor of Paris, plastic button 5/8" ©booksandbuttons

backmark Arcor Arcor of Paris, plastic button 5/8″ ©booksandbuttons

back of Ardor of Paris man's profile button ©booksandbuttons

back of Ardor Arcor of Paris man’s profile button ©booksandbuttons

I love this little cutey of the Eiffel Tower–metal, about the size
of a dime:

Ardor of Paris Eiffel Tower button 5/8" ©booksandbuttons

Ardor Arcor of Paris Eiffel Tower button 5/8″ ©booksandbuttons

nice clean backmark Ardor of Paris Eiffel Tower button ©booksandbuttons

nice clean backmark Ardor Arcor of Paris Eiffel Tower button ©booksandbuttons

Final feature is a classy striped “moonglow type” button, rim and back
are of silver colored plastic.  It’s large, about 1 1/8″ in diameter.

Ardor of Paris button 1 1/8" ©booksandbuttons

Arcor Arcor of Paris button 1 1/8″ ©booksandbuttons

 back Ardor of Paris striped "moonglow" button ©booksandbuttons

back Ardor  Arcor of Paris striped “moonglow” button ©booksandbuttons

Here’s the whole family.

group of seven Ardor of Paris buttons ©booksandbuttons

group of seven Ardor/Arcor of Paris buttons ©booksandbuttons

That’s about all I know about Ardor of Paris buttons.  I kind of wish they
were marked Ardor de Paris—more French sounding.  And you probably
know OTHER things about the line.  If so, please write and tell us!

Well!! It seems I have quite a collection of Arcor of Paris buttons.
Thanks again for the correction comment.  We learn together.

Thanks for sticking with this long post.  Did you like the bunnies?



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6 Responses to Ardor of Paris designer buttons

  1. Buttondeb says:

    Thank you for showing the backs- they are always of interest. And these particularly so.
    Love the bunny ruler!

  2. FictionFan says:

    Loved the bunnies! Also loved the moonglow button and the Eiffel Tower. But really don’t like the blurry button – too blurry!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      yes, but—-couldn’t leave an “ardor of paris” out in
      the cold. It’s pretty bad, isn’t it?

  3. Kaye O'Connell says:

    I have to tell you that you have mixed up Ardor of Paris buttons with Arcor of Paris buttons. Ardor of Paris (1920’s & 1930’s) only did celluloid or acetate types of buttons. Arcor of Paris (1950’s) did the metal buttons with the rectangular back plate. I have this information from Jocelyn Howells (who has written several books on plastic buttons) and who was a close friend of Loic Allio.

    She wrote: “The House of Ardor buttons she (meaning you) showed from Loic’s book (he’s a long-time friend of mine from the 1980s when I lived in Paris) are either celluloid or acetate. The Arcor of Paris buttons with glass centers have metal mountings made of what I would call pot metal, which is similar to pewter. ”

    Your pictures caused me to think I had Ardor of Paris buttons, so I started a discussion on the Facebook group called “Buttonbytes”. You can see all the information there even if you are not a member. It’s a great site for anyone with an interest in collecting buttons.

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