This Post Brought to You by the Letter T

Apparently there’s a game sweeping the blogworld–
and I read about it from So Many Books—she had been
given the letter “H”.  One is supposed to tell his/her favorite
book, author, song, film and object that begins with the
assigned letter . . .


Now she’s assigned me a “T” and I’m supposed to write
about it on my post—sort of a chain thing.

So, since it’s “real feel” of 104 degrees today, it seems like a
good day to fool around with this little game.

BOOK with T–I expect we’re supposed to skip articles like “the”
and “a” so I run through a litany of titles beginning with t that
might qualify as a favorite:

Teacher by Sylvia Ashton-Warner (even though Spinster is
her better one)

Trixie Belden and the Red Trailer Mystery (!)

A Thanksgiving Visitor by Truman Capote

Tom Sawyer; Treasure Island; A Tree Grows in Brooklyn;
Tale of Two Cities; Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon
by Marjorie Kellogg . . .

But in the end, I’ll choose the same one you would choose:
To Kill A Mockingbird.

AUTHOR with T–a new interest, Colm Toibin? an old interest,
William Trevor?  Good ol’ Elizabeth Taylor of Mrs. Palfrey at
the Claremont? Tolstoy?  I think I’ll settle on James Thurber.

SONG with T–Those Were the Days is pleasant, but
I think  I’ll choose The Twelfth of Never by Johnny Mathis.

FILM with T–that’s easy–Tootsie

OBJECT with T–that’s hard! but again, because the real feel
today is 104 degrees, I think I’ll choose a TUB of Edy’s
Slow-Churned Chocolate Ice Cream!


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6 Responses to This Post Brought to You by the Letter T

  1. Need more categories, for example:
    Favorite composer beginning with T = Telemann
    Favorite social media beginning with T = Twitter
    Favorite public transportation system = The T

    • booksandbuttons says:

      I agree. poem, flower, etc. Of course it all depends
      on the letter———–now “G” might cause problems . . .
      glad you’re working on this!

  2. Buttondeb says:

    Tess D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy
    Take Me home Country Roads John Denver
    Thirteen Ghosts ( the 50s original)
    Aaaaaand tea! Strong, black, and today, iced!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Good ones! I considered Tess briefly . . . John Denver
      a great choice—don’t know Thirteen Ghosts! thanks
      for playing along!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Loved your answers! To Kill a Mockingbird is a fantastic book! But Trixie Belden! I read a number of those when I was a kid and loved them. I actually liked her better than Nancy but her books were so much harder to find for some reason.

    I am sorry to hear about the heat. A tub of ice cream when it feels like 104 is no longer a treat but a necessity!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Yes, Trixie was so real and wholesome it seems.
      I think the only one I have is The Red Trailer Mystery.
      I also liked Ginny Gordon. It was another “dime store”

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