Dutchman’s Pipe Vine early July

Ta-Da!  They look halfway decent!  Continue reading
for today’s update!

Dutchman's Pipe Vine in early July---made it!

Dutchman’s Pipe Vine in early July—made it!



Yes, yes, yes—all four are what
one might call “growing”.  Not
sure if it was the sun, the rain,
the watering, the non-watering,
the passing of time, just the
right spot after all—–or what!




And—look at the precious little thing—CLIMBING !

vine twining Dutchman's Pipe!

vine twining Dutchman’s Pipe!






Miracles do happen.

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5 Responses to Dutchman’s Pipe Vine early July

  1. Buttondeb says:

    Never underestimate the power of determination!
    (And the intrepid gardener’s motto: “Don’t give up!”)

    • booksandbuttons says:

      the real miracle is that they’re prospering without my
      doing “real” gardening things like fertilizing them,
      adding good soil, etc. perfect for the lazy gardener
      (like me)

  2. WORDMAN says:

    Highly unlikely that you are a ‘lazy gardener’. Plants are alive and feel the love you give. Talk to your Dutchman, and he will reward you tenfold!

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