A Trip to Linden Hill Gardens

One day this week my gardening friend and I took a trip
to Ottsville PA to visit a wonderful nursery—want to see
some photos?  

It’s a good thing we wore good walking shoes because we
were immersed in a vast meadow of yellow flowers when we
stepped away from the car:

vast meadow!

vast meadow!








No, just kidding–that’s a closeup of —–

a pot of golden moss "Aurea" in the ground cover section of the nursery

a pot of golden moss “Aurea” in the ground cover section of the nursery










I’m trying to be as clever as the owner of the nursery,
Jerry Fritz Garden Design. The presentation of the plants for
sale are as much fun as the plants themselves.   It’s not just plants
on tables but cute shabby chic arrangements that you can
do in your own garden—-old milk cans, small weathered
doors for table tops, nice rocky paths, and shady allées.
We had fun meandering—

Wait a minute—what are those things?  Chickens in front
of a hen house?








No, they're millet---a plant in the corn family---aren't they fun? ©booksandbuttons

No, they’re millet—a plant in the corn family—aren’t they fun? ©booksandbuttons










That’s the kind of surprise in store for you at Linden Hill.
You’ll see specialty offerings–you just about have to take
one home.

classic interludes--wonderful stone wall and urn with flowers spilling out ©booksandbuttons

classic interludes–wonderful stone wall and urn with flowers spilling out ©booksandbuttons






soothing tableau ©booksandbuttons

soothing tableau ©booksandbuttons






Even this pink hollyhock is spectacular!

pink hollyhock ©booksandbuttons

pink hollyhock ©booksandbuttons







Everybody thinks so!©booksandbuttons

Everybody thinks so! ©booksandbuttons









Fido's rooftop garden . . .©booksandbuttons

Fido’s rooftop garden . . .©booksandbuttons







Cape Fuschia ©booksandbuttons

Cape Fuschia ©booksandbuttons









After we left Linden Hill, can you believe it?  We stopped at a local
yard sale and bought———–a huge bin of old buttons!  You can’t
believe it, right?  Neither could we!

To make it more believable, we stopped for ice cream on the way home . . .

Cubby's Ice Cream in Plumsteadville PA

Chubby’s Ice Cream in Plumsteadville PA








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4 Responses to A Trip to Linden Hill Gardens

  1. Buttondeb says:

    Lovely summery tour!
    So…..we’re going to hear about that mysterious bin o’ buttons, right?!

  2. Stefanie says:

    What a fun visit! That millet looks like a fun thing to grow. Did you buy anything for your own garden?

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