Summer Stock

Part of the best of summer is going to local summer stock
theater presentations.


This weekend I saw The Music Man at our local Town and
Country Players in Buckingham PA.

If you’re looking for a show that will use half the kids in
town to play in the cast for River City, Iowa kids, and a dozen
ladies of no particular talent except to employ their natural
qualities of womanhood in poses of Grecian urns, a few men
to play blustering parts of mayors and sheriffs . . .

then, you’ve got a show in the making.  Add in, if you have them,
an enthusiastic barbershop quartet—in this case, brothers!—and
you might as well start rehearsing.

Of course, I know the show, and you know the show by heart.  And yet,
I heard some lines—well, I heard EVERY line spoken clearly, but
I heard some lines I’d never been quite sure of before.   There wasn’t
a misstep—and the little stage held the large cast handily in every
large scene—someone was at the helm at choreography!

Mariel Rosati was superb as Marian the librarian with a voice equal
to the challenge.  Her facial expressions were almost more telling in
her part than her lines–well done.

And, if you could happen to find someone as good as John Zimmerman
to play the part of Harold Hill—who played the character with enthusiasm,
verve, pop, you name it—maybe the part he had been meant for–
displaying a marked vulnerability that Robert Preston never showed–then
you have a very nice crowd pleaser.


Town and Country theater ©booksandbuttons

Town and Country theater ©booksandbuttons


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