Anne of Green Gables at the theatre

Another road trip!  to Buckingham PA and the old barn
where the Town and Country Players presented “Anne of
Green Gables” at 3 pm on Sunday.  On the way, the girls
regaled me with . . .

a sing-along to accompany the CD “Frozen” —singing at the top
of their lungs–every word.  I’m sure our car was rocking to
music when we passed other cars on the road.  The younger one
had brought her harmonica, too—newly acquired from the Mercer
Museum gift shop recently–and for a youngster who usually has
a short attention span, she sure has the patience to play (at) that
thing for a long time!

We had good seats in the third row for the performance.  A young
girl, Victoria Vouk, played Anne.  She had long red braids–the red
hair being a bone of contention for Anne in the story–and the
simple frocks she wore were perfect for the time period.  She longed
for a “fashionable” dress with puffed sleeves like the other girls in
school had.  But she is grateful for the home that Matthew and Marilla
Cuthbert, a sixty-ish brother and sister, have given her at the farm at
Green Gables.  It had seemed before that, as an orphan, she would
never find a home.

Anne means well, but gets into trouble frequently. Mistakes do happen,
but she points out all the many mistakes she DOESN’T make! and the
play moves along swiftly as we meet the other kids at school and the
neighbors in the little town of Avonlea.  The play is adapted from the
old classic by L.M. Montgomery.  My girls loved the schoolroom scenes
with the teacher, Miss Stacy. (Danielle Malat)

There is quiet humor, too.  At one point, Anne is studying her mathe-
matics and asks Matthew Cuthbert for help.  “I need to find the common

Matthew sets aside his newspaper and says,”Haven’t they found that yet?
They were looking for that when I was a boy.”

Intermission was happily spent with lemonade and cookies taken outside
and we sat on a bench by the old red barn.   We counted 8 daddy long legs
on the stucco walls!

I thought, as usual, the actors played their parts very well—could hear
every word, and since it is presented “in the round” almost all seats in the
little theatre are good ones.  This theatre group is in its 67th year, and
I think they have their performances down pat.  Special applause to
Tim Anderson as Matthew and Valerie Sharper as Marilla . . .

After the show, we were able to meet Victoria Vouk (Anne) and the
girls had their picture taken with the star.  She also signed the book
we had brought with us.   Great afternoon!

Town and Country Players barn in Buckingham PA

Town and Country Players barn in Buckingham PA

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  1. Booksilver says:

    I loved those books! There was just a great piece in the NY Times Travel section on Prince Edward Island and Anne of Green Gables, with some lovely photos to get you in the mood:

  2. FictionFan says:

    My favourite childhood book – I still want to be Anne…and I’m still looking for Gilbert!!! Sounds like they caught the spirit of the book well. Have your girls read the book?

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