Buttons from Portobello Market

Who wants to see the buttons I bought at Portobello Market
in London?  OK, then, come along . . .

On a bright sunny Saturday morning O’Half and I took the
tube to Notting Hill Gate to the south end of the market.  We
saw the Sugar Sisters again—glad they’re still singing along the
Portobello Road there.  Last year they sang “Don’t Sit Under the
Apple Tree” and the like—If you have time, you might want to
check last year’s post “More Buttons from London (Portobello

I had some idea of where I was going this time and headed for
Rogers Antique Gallery with the brown awning.  I found a dealer
I bought from last year—she has about two thousand early
sewing things and also a few buttons . . .

Eight buttons from Portobello;  brass button with woman's figure is 7/8"  in diameter

Eight buttons from Portobello; brass button with woman’s figure is 7/8″ in diameter ©booksandbuttons










Brass button top, center has backmark “GES V S GESCH”.
Going clockwise, black “checkerboard”button has “crossed
sword MADE IN ENGLAND”.  Enamel button at bottom
center marked “E.M.PARIS”.  Black & silver button at
7 o’clock position has fancy inscribed back and early brass
shank.  The two buttons in the center have silver hallmarks.

button backs . . .for photo above

button backs . . .for photo above ©booksandbuttons










Passed by the Teapot sign with just a quick look in the arcade
there, and headed for the Admiral Vernon Arcade.  Whew-oo!
In a little booth about four feet by four feet, there were buttons
galore.   And the dealers were so nice that when I ran out of
money, they said to just send it when O’Half and I get back to
the states.  (O’Half didn’t know that part—didn’t seem like the
right time to tell him!)  O’Half had waited so patiently outside
with the throngs while I shopped . . .and bought:

large button at top is  1 3/8" in diameter; two early matching buttons with silk embroidered thread design

large button at top is
1 3/8″ in diameter; two early matching buttons with silk embroidered thread design ©booksandbuttons










Case of lithographed ladies with backmarks of crossed swords "BRITISH MADE"  1/2" diameter

Case of lithographed ladies with backmarks of crossed swords “BRITISH MADE” 1/2″
diameter ©booksandbuttons









Below the case of ladies, left is a tweed fabric encased
in glass with a brass rim, a “silver” bow, and an early
domed clambroth button.  The interesting button at
the bottom, on card, is a brass jester.  Sometime I’ll
show you that it is a cute jester because he changes
position upside down.  Turn your laptop over and
maybe you’ll see it, too!  First enlarge the photo. . .

We had lunch at the Duke of Wellington! and then doggedly
went all the way to the top of Portobello Road to catch the tube
at Ladbroke Grove.  There are lots of tented booths up that
way–under the “Westway”, but most of that area seemed to
be clothing.  And I was happy with the buttons I had found.

at Portobello Market

at Portobello Market  He’s everywhere!  He’s everywhere!








I’ve saved out a few buttons—-a special one indeed to
show you at Christmastime, but until then—thanks for
keeping me company.







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  1. Booksilver says:

    Some lovelies!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Look at all those awesome buttons! I like those lithograph ones, I’d be tempted to use them on a dress or a sweater. And that bow tie it fabulous!

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