I Would Go Back to Glasgow

This will be my final post about our trip to Scotland, but I
want to tie up some loose ends.  A couple of people asked
which city we liked better——Edinburgh or Glasgow.

I was told there is rivalry between the cities.  An old cartoon
postcard purportedly used to read “The only good thing to come
out of Edinburgh is the train to Glasgow.”  yuk, yuk

If I had to make a choice, I think I’d choose Glasgow for another
visit.  I feel like we didn’t have time to do the city justice.  Another
time I’d spend more time “with” Charles Rennie Mackintosh—at
Glasgow School of Art.  I’d go to the Botanic Gardens, I’d go to
the Glasgow Film Theater, established in 1939, and see an artsy
movie.  I’d visit the old Cathedral, and the Necropolis.  I would
go to the fancy new Glasgow Science Center with its gleaming

And I didn’t touch the shopping scene.  We did walk by a clothing
store that had an interesting window display.  At All Saints Spitalfields
every side of the store had these old sewing machine carcasses!  You
can click to enlarge the photo.

All Saints Spitalfields in Glasgow ©booksandbuttons

All Saints Spitalfields in Glasgow ©booksandbuttons









Still, we did do a lot, especially artwise.  And the Barras flea market
was fun—when we walked into the old building, the speakers were
blaring the old song:

“I’m like a rubber ball, Baby, that’s all that I am to you . . .(bouncy,
bouncy, bouncy, bouncy
–rubber ball cause you think—dah, di, dah, something true.” ♫ ♫ ♫

Have to get in a good mood with music like that!  Unfortunately,
there weren’t any/many buttons, but I found some nice tartan ribbons.
The dealers were friendly and it was a beautiful day with
blue, blue sky.  Later in a nearby antique mall, I bought a nice
little silver skate charm, and in a nearby FABRIC store!!  some
yardage of this nice rose patterned Liberty of London fabric.

Liberty of London roses fabric ©booksandbuttons

Liberty of London roses fabric ©booksandbuttons









Our Sunday tour up into the Highlands was a highlight of the
trip.  We left Glasgow early in the morning.  Now, I know that
everyone has a great tour guide—-humorous, full of knowledge,
and so forth.  But our driver/guide was outstanding.  As we
rolled over the narrow roads, avoiding bicyclists somehow!
— he chatted away about Scottish history and made it
come alive.

I’ll never forget his explanation of the old song “I’ll take the high
road, You take the low road”—how after Bonnie Prince Charlie’s
attempt to regain the throne for Scotland failed, the English
were going to execute all the “traitors”.  But in the end, they made
the Scottish prisoners themselves decide who would live, (high road)
and who would die (low road).  As legend has it, the speaker in the
song tells his friend to save his life, that he himself will make the
sacrifice and by so doing, might well be “in Scotland” afore him.
“But me and my true love will never meet again, on the
bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.”
Not a dry eye on the bus.

Look at the view from our first stop: Stirling Castle . . .

View from Stirling Castle©booksandbuttons

View from Stirling Castle©booksandbuttons CLICK TO ENLARGE










The tour continued to some countryside where I picked a little
sprig of heather.  And to the southern shore of Loch Lomond–
not sure if that’s the bonnie, bonnie banks part–and then to
a whisky distillery.  Sun bright all day–couldn’t be more
perfect weather, nor more perfect scenery.  It was a lovely
farewell to Scotland.

a sprig of heather

a sprig of heather







Loch Lomond, Scotland ©booksandbuttons

Loch Lomond, Scotland ©booksandbuttons











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4 Responses to I Would Go Back to Glasgow

  1. Did you love Stirling Castle? It was a highlight of my trip to Scotland with my daughter almost 10 years ago. I enjoy reading your ideas for your return trip.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Yes, and I loved to hear all the history about it.
      And what a view to watch for marauders! I think my dog,
      Woody, would like such a view to know when the plumber
      is coming instead of having a truck—plop!–appear in
      our driveway.

  2. FictionFan says:

    Glad you enjoyed your trip and that the weather held up for you. It’s been an unusually good summer so you picked the right year! Yes, our songs tend to lead to tears – there’s nothing more certain to bring on depression than a Scottish sing-a-long after a few wee drams…

    Did you know there was a big fire in the Glasgow School of Art earlier this year and it’s been pretty badly damaged? They’re planning to restore it, I think, but I imagine it’ll take ages. However there’s always Mackintosh’s Willow Tearooms in Sauchiehall Street. The Burrell Museum is also a good place to visit.

    Pleased you’d pick Glasgow over Edinburgh! 😉 Joking aside, I love Edinburgh too. The big difference is that everything in Edinburgh is all packed into a small space whereas in Glasgow it’s all spread out – so Edinburgh’s easier to ‘do’ in a short trip, I think.

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