Clutter and a Surprise

I was looking for a piece of felt for . . .well, never mind why . . . and
I figured that the felt was in the basement somewhere—oh, Nurse!
And I knew it was in the old Kilworth’s bag from Medina, NY.

Your fabric stuff is probably all organized in little labeled drawers
or in fancy Pier One storage containers.  Mine is, well, —-but! I found
the Kilworth’s bag after just a little searching!

felt clutter 012







Kilworth’s was a small women’s clothing store on Main Street
in Medina, NY.   We lived there when we were first married, for
several years.  There was, in fact, a nice little downtown shopping
district with stores open Thursday nights?  Friday nights?  anyway-
I found the bag that should have the felt.  And it did.

sorry for the mess ©booksandbuttons

sorry for the mess ©booksandbuttons



felt clutter ©booksandbuttons

felt clutter ©booksandbuttons












little Christmas projects from long ago ©booksandbuttons

little Christmas projects from long ago ©booksandbuttons







And then, a hand?

blue felt "hand" ©booksandbuttons

blue felt “hand” ©booksandbuttons









attached to THIS!  What in the world?  Who made this?  Maybe one of our kids
will recognize it if/when they read this post.  I have no idea.  This poor little guy
has probably been trying to get out of this bag for years!

mystery felt project ©booksandbuttons

mystery felt project ©booksandbuttons








You just never know what you’ll find when you go looking in this house.
But this winter********I am going to get organized*****no more clutter.
I am going to be neater, like you are.  That’s the point of this post in case
you were wondering!

(HA, ha, ha)

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6 Responses to Clutter and a Surprise

  1. Stefanie says:

    Ha! I just went looking for linen yarn I knew I had somewhere in the attic. In my mind it was all neatly in a couple of skeins and one ball because I had started a project with it and decided the project and the yarn did not work together. I knew it would be in a plastic storage bin. Well, it was in a plastic storage bin but within the bin it was in a canvas bag two skeins and a ball except the project was still in progress. So instead of starting the new project, I had to spend the evening unraveling the old one first. There were other half-done projects in that bin too but it was too scary to look at closely!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Ha ha! I’m thinking about commenting to say that yes, I have MY craft supplies perfectly organized. In matching bins, as you picture.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Do you really?

      • Jennifer says:

        Well….. I know you want to think so, but no, not entirely. Mary has given me some nice matching containers and I use those. And I have some of those nice canvas square boxes. But there’s still also more stuff that’s in various un-matching bags and boxes.
        And…. BTW…. Kilworth’s in Medina, N.Y.!! Very old-timey. Do you remember Winky’s Five and Dime in Milwaukee? And do you happen to have any bags from there?

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