Dear Marta,

Dear Marta,   I have two wonderful new jigsaw puzzles that
I received for Christmas . . .


One is a sewing puzzle by Springbok--only 500 pieces--relaxing!

One is a sewing puzzle by Springbok–only 500 pieces–relaxing!








And one is a hilarious one of a dog in New York having a
TAG SALE with the stuff he’s dragged home.

puzzles- mermaid, dog, sewing 028

Yes, it’s 1000 pieces, but I’ll be laughing all the way . . .










But, Marta, I’m not working those yet.   I decided
to do your puzzle that I’ve had for about a year now–
given by a friend–and I’ll probably be working on it
throughout most of 2015.

puzzles- mermaid, dog, sewing 001

1000 pieces

1000 pieces all the same

1000 pieces all the same













Granted, doing the MOON was fun.

the MOON, one moment of fun . . .

the MOON, one moment
of fun . . .








And it was fun to have a handy relative with us who is
an excellent jigsaw whiz.  But she’s gone now and I’m left
with about 463 pieces that have no home, no home at all.
You had wonderful intentions I’m sure when you painted
this picture—and enjoyed painting the blacks and navy
blues and dark greens and the waves, the waves, and the
blacks and navy . . .

The Mermaid Puzzle

The Mermaid Puzzle





SHE, the mermaid, is about
finished but oh, the water to
be done!  And that blue mountain!
And the black rock!


Oh, Marta G. Wiley, I think of you so often as I struggle along
with this.  The box says for ages 13 and up.  I wonder how you
established that age range.  I wonder how you chose the name
“Cordelia”  (King Lear’s youngest daughter?  huh?)  And I
wonder if you would have the patience to do this puzzle.

puzzles 001








If I ever finish it, I’ll probably keep the box, for it has a very nice
drawer arrangement and is sturdy.

drawer of Mermaid Puzzle

drawer of Mermaid Puzzle










But I think I’ll send the 1000 pieces back to you.
(Please send me your address.)

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6 Responses to Dear Marta,

  1. Buttondeb says:

    You are more than half way there—and a snowstorm is coming.

  2. Stefanie says:

    I love jigsaw puzzles! the harder the better 🙂 My dad is a fan of them too and one year I thought I had one that would give him no end of trouble, all the pieces shaped the same and the same picture on both sides except rotated so both sides were “different.” It was 1000 pieces and he finished it in three days!

  3. Booksilver says:

    All of those pieces look exactly the same! How do you stand it? I prefer puzzles with a little red cap on this piece, a little green boot on that one — or in shape, comparing one with a flat “head,” one with an elongated “foot” …. You must have to be very organized to tell yours apart! Be sure to tell us once it’s finished.

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