My Great Grandmother

You think I’m spending every minute with that mermaid
puzzle, but I’m also using January to fullest effect and going
through, organizing old photos.  Last May I told you that I . . .

would show you a photo of my great grandmother.  This was
when I was telling you about my grandmother—-read all about
it at “Stuff in the Old Blue Trunk”.

I never knew my great grandmother, but we always had an old
tintype photo–and I had heard the story from my grandmother
that her mother married at thirteen.  I used to go around joking
that my great grandmother was married at thirteen and I wasn’t
even engaged yet!  Not sure how true the story was anyway.

Her name was Elizabeth Cady but they called her “Belle”.  So
I always thought of her as Belle Cady.  She had three sons and
a daughter—the daughter was my grandmother, Evalyn.

This is a photo of the old tintype which had been colored in by

Elizabeth Belle Cady ©booksandbuttons

Elizabeth Belle Cady ©booksandbuttons









I suppose all your photos are organized, too!

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  1. Booksilver says:

    Pretty! But looks feisty, too! She wouldn’t stand any nonsense from that puzzle, that’s for sure.

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