Dear Marta, (p.s)

Hello again, Marta!  I have only about 100 pieces to go on
the mermaid puzzle!  Every hour or so I find a piece that fits!

One little blessing/curse I have is that I’m doing the puzzle in a
sunny window.  It’s a blessing because it’s easier to see the color
of the pieces . . .the shading.  The curse is that it’s harder to see
the color of the pieces . . .the shading.

And about the only thing more difficult than finishing this puzzle
is getting a good photo with that sun in the background all the time.

I have to admit that it’s become addictive in the best sense.  You
know that the pieces are 97% all alike– and it’s a challenge to find
one with a little hook, or that bend-y shoulder.  But, oh! the thrill
when a piece actually fits.   Most of the pieces I have remaining are
green, dark navy or dark black–see photos.

But next post should scream with success.  And so what if it involved
a complete package of Christmas fudge?

mermaid puzzle 002 mermaid puzzle 005 mermaid puzzle 006 mermaid puzzle 012

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