And a bit more about Middlemarch, up to chap 11

Well, fine kettle of fish–thinks Mrs. Cadwallader–she’s the
neighbor of the Brookes and therefore thinks she has a full
hand in any proposed marriages to take place involving
Dorothea and Celia.

Of course, she has no more business than *you* do to say whom
Dorothea should marry, but n-the-less, she has plenty to say and
I’m telling you right now she does NOT approve of Casaubon!  She
has invested a lot of time in playing cupid to Dorothea and Sir James
Chettam ever since the girls arrived to live with their uncle.  And
she’s not amused that Dorothea has given Casaubon the favor of her
hand in marriage.

And poor Sir James Chettam!  Who is not such a bad type at all–just
fell in love with the wrong sister.  (His mother is an interesting
character—she has the reputation of having quite a peculiar
disease that keeps her doctoring and talking about it . . . an enviable
trait in her society of friends.)

But, we stray.   To make a long story short (!) Dorothea marries
Casaubon and they are on their way to a honeymoon in Rome.
And on we go to Chapter 11 (out of 86!)  to be continued . . .

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