Middlemarch . . .Book Two!

What!  it’s in sections?  I just finished reading about
the Vincys—very important family in the Middlemarch area
–and beautiful Rosamond Vincy is going to be a —

household name between O’Half and me before long.  She’s
a headstrong daughter of the Vincy family—along with a
couple of brothers—and from what I can gather, she’s
setting her cap for newcomer Dr. Lydgate . . . And then
there’s her brother Fred—a ne’er-do-well who might have some
gambling debts.  Supposedly he has guaranteed payments
by saying he’ll be inheriting some land  when his uncle dies,
but—-!  the uncle is in good health.   (And isn’t amused
when he hears of Fred’s shenanigans.)

And Fred has some interest in “plain” Mary Garth–
oh, I’m going to need to make a chart.

Fred needs to get out of that mess with the
gambling debt–if that’s true and not gossip.
Ask his father for help?  —   and before I knew it the
chapter was over and I’m facing Book Two!!

This is turning out to be a big book about a little town.
You have time to borrow it from the library this weekend
and read it with me.                 ( to be continued )

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