National Puzzle Day–Thursday Jan 29, 2015

Yes, it’s true–where has the time gone?  Am telling you
early so that you can hunt up a good puzzle to do this
week . . .

Last year I was working on this 1000 piece Dickens puzzle:

Dickens jigsaw puzzle 006









And this year I’m starting a funny dog’s tag sale puzzle.  The
dog is sitting on the stoop in NYC and selling the stuff he has
dragged home or doesn’t want anymore.  (Click to enlarge)

New Yorker dog puzzle 002










My favorite is the 4 little boots lower right corner.  How many
of you have tried to put boots on your dog?  They hate them!

I love having a puzzle handy for odd moments when the potatoes
need 5 more minutes, or when I sit at the table at night with the
little “flicker” candle going “tick-tek-tek”.    Winter is the best
time for puzzles!

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2 Responses to National Puzzle Day–Thursday Jan 29, 2015

  1. Stefanie says:

    What fun. All your puzzling lately make me want to figure out how I can manage with with the cats trying to “help.” I used to have a dog and no, he did not like the boots I’d force him to wear in winter to protect his feet from ice and salt when we’d go for walks.

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