Setting a Cast for Middlemarch–part 2

Boy, I’m treading on thin ice here.  How can I keep an
audience with this stuff??  But–I’m in it for the long run
and I’m ready with the photos of the other four main
characters in Middlemarch.

Let’s start with Rosamond Vincy because she’s the first (0f
these four) to appear in the book.  She’s from an important
family and has been well-educated–including knowing how to
get in and out of a carriage (1830-ish you know).  I’d say she is
bored, bored, bored—and ready to meet someone who is NOT
from Middlemarch.

From reading the back of the book blurb I find out that she’s going
to be a troublemaker, pretty as she is.  And so I look for that type of
woman when I’m looking for a photo.

I came across this one—who can remember it??

could be Rosamond? ©booksandbuttons

could be Rosamond? ©booksandbuttons





and think—ah, that’s the type,
all right!  But I know she’s
supposed to be blond, so I
guess I’ll settle for this one:

Rosamond Vincy--yup, that's trouble.   ©booksandbuttons

Rosamond Vincy–yup, that’s trouble. ©booksandbuttons










Rosamond has several brothers and sisters, but I think George
Eliot only wanted us to read about one: Fred.

Fred Vincy has failed in his examinations and failed in his weak quest
to become a clergyman . . .it is rumored he has gambling debts.
So, until we know more about Fred . . .oh, let’s give him the
benefit of the doubt.  From what I’ve read so far, he’s kind of
a good egg with his sister, Rosamond, he plays the flute, and loves
his mother.
So here’s Fred:

Fred Vincy  ©booksandbuttons

Fred Vincy ©booksandbuttons










Mary Garth is a poor relation of the Vincys and of their wealthy

relative, Mr. Featherstone.  Mr. Vincy’s sister married Mr.
Featherstone.  That was a lovely “feather” in the cap of the
Vincy family—-and doesn’t hurt that Mr. Featherstone will
probably share some of his fortune with his heirs.

But, back to the point, Mary Garth is a poor relation.  She is
well-educated and went to lower school along with Rosamond.
But she’s “plain” and content (!) with her life.  I think Fred is
interested in Mary.

Mary Garth.  She looks a lot like Melanie from Gone With the Wind, doesn't she? ©booksandbuttons

Mary Garth. She looks a lot like Melanie from Gone With the Wind, doesn’t she? ©booksandbuttons







sweet and innocent.  Or is she?



To finish up (applause!!) there’s Dr. Lydgate.  He’s a newcomer
to Middlemarch—27 years old, world before him and he has big
dreams of accomplishments in the medical field–“good small work
for Middlemarch, and great work for the world.”

There is a bit of gossip about his past –when he was studying
in med school in Paris.  (I was able to find a photo of him taken
at that time:)

Dr. Lydgate in med school ©booksandbuttons

Dr. Lydgate in med school ©booksandbuttons






He was young and foolish then
and fell in love with a Parisian actress
who was accused of murdering her
husband on stage. (!)


She was cleared of all charges.  And Lydgate was smitten at the time and
proposed.  She laughed at him for being a fool.  She had been guilty!

But of course no one at Middlemarch knows that little secret and here is
a photo of Dr. Lydgate, twenty-seven years old and ready to take on
Middlemarch (and Rosamond?)

Picture of Dr. Lydgate today.  ©booksandbuttons

Picture of Dr. Lydgate
today. ©booksandbuttons










Omg, how will these eight characters end up after 838
pages?   (How will I end up?  How will you—-you ARE
reading it with me, right?)


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