National Puzzle Day . . .still?

I feel like it’s National Puzzle YEAR.   The puzzle plods
on–O’Half keeps asking when I’m going to start putting
in the pieces of the dog . . .


Have you ever done this puzzle?  It’s hard!  The thing is, the

New Yorker dog puzzle 002

pieces are a tricky fit AND the color you think you’re looking for is NOT the puzzle piece that works!
And, if you notice, a sign on the box (JIGSAW
PUZZLE 1000 pieces) is covering up the picture of what’s in that part of the puzzle . . . I don’t need
extra challenge.





dog puzzle work

dog puzzle work









And, a little later:

more dog puzzle work- getting there!

more dog puzzle work-
getting there!










tricky pieces in the  New Yorker dog puzzle

tricky pieces in the
New Yorker dog puzzle










Some days and nights I feel like this little kid in an
old painting we bought recently.

froginthesouppuzzle 021








But, I should have good news soon.  Maybe today, if I don’t do
any work at all except the puzzle . . . :))))

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2 Responses to National Puzzle Day . . .still?

  1. Booksilver says:

    I don’t really enjoy doing puzzles where the pieces don’t fit together nicely. That takes the fun out of it for me. But I know some people like that extra challenge. Maybe every time you get a piece in, get up and do a victory lap! Or have a piece of fudge.

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