The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, reporting in again

The plot thickens and thickens.  Spoiler alert–don’t read if
you are thinking of reading this book soon.  Sometimes I wonder if I
should just stop reading and try to figure out how the mystery
could be solved.  But the book draws you back again and again.
Currently–on about page 470, 

They are backtracking a little—remembering some of the scenes
that took place earlier in the book—which are important now as

They are recalling the times when Laura went to the boathouse to
meet the Woman in White—who supposedly had a big secret to tell

Each time I pictured a boathouse from my childhood.  I grew up on
Lake George, NY and I can picture this one boathouse that was near
the “town dock”.  My friend and I would go there on Saturdays in the
winter–when all the summer people were gone.  We would explore a
lot of the deserted summer places—no harm done–just exploring and
playing cowboys and Indians or whatever.  That one boathouse near
the town dock is the one I picture when I read about Laura and the
Woman in White—dark gray shingled siding, mahogany speedboats
softly bumping the docks inside — in prime summertime.

What is the secret that will open up this whole mystery?  There is a
distinct resemblance between Laura and the Woman in White.  That’s
been drummed into us from the get-go.  Hm.  Too much to assume that
they are sisters.  But–Sir Percival IS older—around 45 years old.  Father
of Woman in White—Anne Catherick?  But so what?

to be continued . . .

Depiction of The Woman in White by Frederick Walker at the Tate Britain Museum ©booksandbuttons

Depiction of The Woman
in White by Frederick Walker at the Tate Britain Museum ©booksandbuttons



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