Rag Dolls and Purple Coaches: A Memoir part 2

***This memoir was written by my mother to our daughter in 1975.
She wrote about her memories of growing up.  She was born in 1908.
This is part 2.*** ( Rag Dolls and Purple Coaches: A Memoir is part 1.)

It seems fitting to publish another section of this book on
Mother’s Day—and especially when my mother mentions HER mother
in this part.

“There were lots of maple trees along the road and around the house.
There were lilac bushes and flower beds, too.  My mother saved all the
seeds from flowers in the fall so she could plant them the next spring.
She never had to buy flower seeds.

Beside the house was a big tamarack tree.  I think it was fifty feet tall.
It had two strong lower branches and Dennis and I each had a swing on
those.  There are not many tamarack trees left.  They grew mostly in
the north country like ours.  A tamarack is an evergreen tree and has
small cones like tiny pine cones.

That farm we lived on was in the Adirondacks.  Some of the fields still
had a lot of stones in them, big and little.  People said it was because
the glacier centuries ago had passed over and dropped rocks and stones
as it went.  It had also gouged out depressions and left ice which melted
and so made the many ponds and small lakes that were scattered in
among the mountains.

We had two big barns and some chicken houses.  One of the barns farther
from the house was for the cows and other animals.   The one nearer
the house at the end of the driveway was for the horses and wagons.  We
had a one-seater buggy in which two people could ride and a two seater for
five or six people.  We had two horses.  The one I liked was a white horse
named Molly.  She had her name before my brother John met his wife,

Our horse, Molly, would let us ride on her back.  She also helped pull the
plow for the gardens and liked to be hitched to the buggy to take us to town.
The town was five miles away.  Sometimes we children could go when our
father and mother went to shop.  Sometimes our father went alone in the
stronger farm wagon.  On that trip he would bring home a big load:  a big
barrel of flour to make bread with and a barrel of sugar–all kinds of things.
Seems as if he always brought us something special, too.  Once he brought
me a little doll’s trunk and I remember one time he brought my mother and
John’s Molly some new shoes.  They were high shoes with black buttons
and white tops.  They had about ten buttons each whch had to be fastened
with a button-hook.”

***to be continued***


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4 Responses to Rag Dolls and Purple Coaches: A Memoir part 2

  1. Booksilver says:

    This installment even has buttons!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    Wonderful reading. I could read her memories all day. Was just in the ADKs this week end, Sacandaga Lake, and what a beautiful environment it is. Came back to the city and the lilac bushes were in bloom. So glad she mentioned them (and the maples!)

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