The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

If you were going to read only five plays in your lifetime,
I would hope you would put The Glass Menagerie on your

It was first produced at the Civic Theatre, Chicago IL in 1944.
There are only four characters: the mother, Amanda; her son,
Tom; her daughter, Laura; and a gentleman caller.

There! Now what would YOU write about them–good enough
to keep you reading til you’ve finished the 115 pages of the play?
Tennessee Williams has the knack.

The setting is an apartment in the back of a tenement building in
St. Louis.  There are essentially two parts to the play:
Part I. Preparation for a Gentleman Caller
Part II. The Gentleman Calls.

Laura is the key to the play.  She is a shy young woman with a
slight limp who has a beloved collection of glass animals.

Amanda is a mother who has been deserted years ago, and she
and Laura are supported by Tom who has a dead end job and
would rather be a poet.

Amanda is trying to find a beau for Laura.  Tom brings someone
home from work one evening for dinner.

I’ve read this play several times, probably will read it several times
more!  Five button review!

five antique blue glass buttons ©booksandbuttons

five antique blue glass buttons ©booksandbuttons

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4 Responses to The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams

  1. JennL says:

    “Remember the evening when we had 17 gentleman callers?”

  2. Booksilver says:

    Saw this in NYC last year — wonderful production!

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