The Little Foxes by Lillian Hellman

Another play set in the “sunny” south.  This one was written
in 1939 and the setting is the living room of the Giddens house
The time period for the whole drama is two weeks.  It’s
about relations with the relations! 

There are three grown siblings: Ben, Regina and Oscar.  They
are scheming to invest their money in an industrial project and
need all three to contribute or else the plan will fail.  Regina is
dependent on convincing her husband, Horace, to give his
money for the project.  He is very ill and balks at the plan.

If you’re looking for a cordial, fan-wafting hospitality sort of
southern plantation sort of experience, you’re out of luck.  Ms
Hellman has created some mean, back-stabbing types who
keep our eyes on the pages–153 of them.

A classic.  Three button review.

three vintage blue glass buttons©booksandbuttons

three vintage blue glass buttons©booksandbuttons

The Little Foxes 002




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