Babysitting the Cat

So we’re taking care of a family cat for a few weeks.  She
seems to sleep all afternoon and be up all night.  The first
night she was here we heard a big crash in the middle  . . .

of the night.  O’Half got up to see what happened but he
didn’t see anything.  (It’s only because he didn’t look in
the right place. )  Later when our daughter and I were
sweeping up the broken glass, she claimed that it wasn’t
her cat—that a squirrel probably got in the house.  (right)

So they’re gone now and it’s between/among O’Half, the
cat, and me.  O’Half seems to like her a lot, I’m mostly cool
although I’ll admit her paws are cute.  Her name is Sprite.

One day I strung up an empty peanut shell on a narrow piece
of old navy ribbon  . . .and she LOVED it—and I took a video.
Well, I took three video shots but the best one is too long to
show –the site won’t accept it–so I’ll show you two little tiny
videos–and next time you’re over at the house I’ll show you
the great one.

cat playing video 001     you have to look fast!  here’s another:

cat playing video 002

I guess you can see how it might go. ** People are telling me
they can’t get the video to play . . .sorry, techless here.  Go and
get a cat and then rig up a peanut shell on a narrow ribbon and
you’ll see how actively they play with it!  Then throw away the
ribbon—they might choke when you weren’t looking.  **

One thing I’m trying to do is keep her out of our bedroom and
boy! she wants to get in there!  It’s an absolute race for the two
of us when I head up the stairs!

So I said to O’Half–ok–we’ll let her in, but we’ll close the closet
doors and be sure the bed is made up.

Later I went to the bedroom and sure enough–she was in there
all right, and asleep–under the covers!

Sprite under covers

Sprite under covers







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5 Responses to Babysitting the Cat

  1. Buttondeb says:

    I’ll bet that she would enjoy a little catnip!

  2. Booksilver says:

    So cute!

  3. Stefanie says:

    A squirrel got into the house! Oh that’s rich! Cats want most badly to go where you do not want them to be. One of mine in winter loves to burrow under the pillows on the bed for his naps during the day. Have fun cat sitting!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Stefanie—the funny thing is that one time
      a squirrel DID get into the house! But that’s
      a story for another day—–

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