Dole Girl by Barbara Hamby

“Dole Girl” is a short story that just won the Aura Estrada
Short Story Contest for 2015.   It is currently published by
Boston Review in the July-August issue and can be read for
free through the internet.  Just look up Boston Review.  You
can’t miss it because it’s one of the editors’ picks for this issue.

I loved it.  The setting is a pineapple cannery in Honolulu in
1970.  A young girl, to earn money toward starting college in
the fall, gets a job working the line at a pineapple processing
plant.  She aspires to leave Hawaii and her oppressive family
and go to college in the Eastern United States, drive a VW bug,
and become a vegetarian—-and have a vegetarian boyfriend.

The author, Barbara Hamby, is an award winning poet.  She
was raised in Hawaii, and the flavor and language of the people
in this story come through nicely in her writing.  She is writer-in-
residence in the Creative Writing program at  Florida State University.
Her husband is David Kirby, whose book of poems The House on
Boulevard St  
I recently reviewed in this blog.

Ms Hamby’s story was a refreshing read–and in fact, I couldn’t
stop reading it until I was finished.  I highly recommend it for
a pleasant reading interlude.  Tell me what you think.



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