Some Elsa Schiaparelli Buttons

The National Button Society convention will be meeting from
July 26th to August 1.  Loic Allio–author of Boutons is scheduled
to speak and I bet he will be mentioning Elsa Schiaparelli buttons!
So I decided to republish my post from last year to get you in
the mood.  I’ll follow this post with some other designer buttons,
and some “wanna-be” designer buttons.  Enjoy and stay tuned . . .


Red flower button by Schiaparelli, 3/4 inch diameter ©booksandbuttons

Red flower button by Schiaparelli, 3/4 inch diameter ©booksandbuttons

This little red button looks quite striking on the blue background
I found–it is a highly polished plastic with a little blue knob in the
center.  I’m always on the lookout for the artistic novelties that
Elsa Schiaparelli used in her fashions, but they are hard to find.
I have eight more buttons to show you if you like . . .

©booksandbuttons article about Schiaparelli along with 5 buttons

an old article about Schiaparelli buttons ©booksandbuttons

Recently, at the Myerstown PA Button Show, I bought this interesting
old article that appeared in the National Button Bulletin in May 1958.
(The name of the author is not given.)

Included in this original, are 5 buttons by Elsa Schiaparelli that depict
“famous landmarks of Paris.”  They are black and white prints in metal
frames with self shanks and covered with transparent plastic.  Each one
is 1 1/8 inches in diameter, so they are a nice large size.  They are
dark, but I’ve tried to find you a good photo of each.  I only recognize
the Arc de Triomphe–and one looks like New York to me, but I’ll do
more research.  Remember you can click on photo to enlarge . . .

Schiaparelli photo button 1 1/8" diameter ©booksandbuttons

Schiaparelli photo button 1 1/8″ diameter ©booksandbuttons

Schiaparelli photo button 1 1/8" ©booksandbuttons

Schiaparelli photo button 1 1/8″

photo button Schiaparelli

Schiaparelli photo button 1 1/8″ diameter ©booksandbuttons

Schiaparelli photo button 1 1/8" diameter ©booksandbuttons

Schiaparelli photo button
1 1/8″ diameter

Schiaparelli photo button 1 1/8" diameter ©booksandbuttons

Schiaparelli photo button
1 1/8″ diameter

Boy, you really must be a button lover
to have followed this lingo this far!

There are other buttons in this photo
series, I know, including the Eiffel Tower,
which would be nice to have.  And I
expect it would be fun to have the old
issue of the National Button Bulletin
that featured this old article.
But wait—there’s more!  Did you really think I would forget about
the buttons that are shown for Schiaparelli in the wonderful book
BOUTONS by Loic Allio?  Of course I can’t show you all the photos
in that book, but I can show you the buttons that I own that are
attributed to Schiaparelli’s fashion line in that book.

Here are the fish hook buttons by Francois Hugo for E.S.—shown
in a previous post, but still good enough for an encore!  They have
mother of pearl backgrounds, and metal rims.

Francois Hugo buttons for Elsa Schiaparelli

Buttons by Francois Hugo for Elsa Schiaparelli 7/8″ diameter ©booksandbuttons


text from Boutons by Loic Allio

text from Boutons by Loic Allio





And, another by Francois Hugo for E.S. is the
white metal insect button—la mouche! which is
one inch in diameter–pretty dramatic, also shown
in Loic Allio’s book Boutons:

insect button Francois Hugo

Insect button by Francois Hugo for Elsa Schiaparelli circa 1950s, one inch d. ©booksandbuttons

button by Francois Hugo

back of insect button by Francois Hugo

That’s all, folks–will finish with the back shot of the little red flower
button that started this whole post . . .and then I’ll get ready for

tomorrow’s Titusville New Jersey Button Show!!  See you there!

Schiaparelli flower button

back of red plastic Schiaparelli button with its brass shank. ©booksandbuttons

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6 Responses to Some Elsa Schiaparelli Buttons

  1. Maureen Cox says:

    I have two of the Schiaparelli buttons you showed with the Arc de Triomphe. One is cracked, I guess from age as it used to be ok, and one is not.
    Are you interested in them or know anyone else who is?
    Thank you for your time.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hello–thanks for your comment—I have sent you a name you might
      contact to talk about your buttons. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Those are all so pretty!

  3. Marilyn Beal says:

    I went to the NBS National Convention, and attended Loic Allio’s lecture. He is so charming! All in attendance wished he had more pictures of buttons in his presentation; there were only four or five. Still, it was very interesting. I would love to have his book, but can only find used for $400. Not in my budget unfortunately.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Oh, you lucky girl! I thought of Allio and his
      lecture all week and wish I could have heard it, too.
      It’s nice to get your input about the lecture/him.
      Thanks so much for writing. Do you collect? What
      type of buttons do you like?

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