The Neighbors

I don’t know–I can’t imagine how people fill their time
when they live far away from any neighbors.  We spend a
lot of time–O’Half and I–contemplating on which one is
home, or gone, on vacation, leaving for work, going to mow
the . . .

lawn, picking up sticks from the storm and so forth.

For instance, this morning I can hardly get anything done
because the people behind us–the “music people”–are busy
at some kind of project with a lot of walking back and forth–
and doing some interesting work I’ll bet in their back yard.

Maybe it’s creating a “Connecticut” hand hewn stone wall.
That’s what I speculate—sometimes you hear a sawing noise–
like maybe a circular saw?  a stone saw?

You can see from this photo

view of neighbors' yard

view of neighbors’ yard

that I can barely see through the trees–but I do sometimes
see a workman going back and forth–I think there might be three
— $$$–and the owner and his wife–all contributing to the plan of . . .?
SAYING!   “Otherwise . . . I think that . . .
if you take it here . . .”




I’m supposed to be sewing a doll dress this morning before the
gym routine, but I keep having to jump up to see if I can see

neighbors, doll dress 001









There!  had to go to the window—one just went by pushing a
wheelbarrow.   What could it be?  Hm, a car just went out–
could be the teenager going to work—so hard to see for sure!!


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4 Responses to The Neighbors

  1. Buttondeb says:

    Hmmm…. Have you considered investing in a pair of binoculars?
    Umm, I mean, taking up “birdwatching”?

    • booksandbuttons says:

      HI Buttondeb—binoculars—better than that–
      O’Half went through the woods and sees that they’re
      making some kind of patio . .

  2. Mary Jo says:

    This was so funny to read!! I thought those trees had some kind of suspicious look to them. Glad it’s solved, so far . . . but could there be more to it? And, what about “the music people” . . . hmmm . . . I think there could be something there!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Hi Mary Jo–yes, it’s kind of solved–but O’Half couldn’t really
      tell exactly what they’re building–how about a pleasant pagoda on
      flagstone? Or a nice place in the shade to sit with lemonade . . .
      We’ll definitely (did you ever doubt it?) keep an eye on things!
      And the name, the music people? Shortly after we moved to this
      house they had company–nice summer evening and played the nicest
      background music . . . Sinatra, and Billie Holiday,etc–we had a most
      relaxing evening on our own deck that night. Thus: the “music people”.

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