Tough Sledding

Labor Day.  The Summer Reading Plan 2015 is in pretty good shape!
The starred titles have been read—only a couple left to go, including
the dreaded . . .

Confessions of St Augustine.   Aaaaargh!  I’m dipping into it–I see
there are thirteen “books” and that will help wend our way through
it—-I’m on Book II.   Certainly, I can master this–it’s in English, right?
You’re reading it along with me, right?  It’s for book club on Tuesday
Sept 15th.

St Augustine 001


Here is my copy–a mass market
Signet book.  Cover by Sandro
Botticelli—I wish it had the
cute illustrations that he did for
The Inferno  . . . (see my old review)






So far, “he” seems to have spent a “misspent” youth–reveling
in mischievous acts and sins.  Reveling!  I’ll bet if marijuana had been
around back then (we’re talking the 4th Century here for heaven’s
sake!) he would have been growing it in his mother’s kitchen.

I might have to start drawing some illustrations to keep my brain
awake —sometimes that helps and makes a book more inviting.
It’s going to take something to go along with this—more than just
referring to him as “Augie”.

OK, thirteen books, I’m on Book II and we meet in 7 more days–
that’s about two Books a day . . .

But right beside me, also, is Freaky Friday by Mary Rodgers.  Our
granddaughters are coming over this afternoon and I thought I’d
read some of it to them—you know–the book where the little girl
wakes up and she’s turned into her mother–?  Not to mention the
fact that I never finished Cherry Ames Rest Home Nurse.   Hard to
keep your nose to the grindstone with COSA when almost anything
better is around.

We’ll see.  Go ahead–get a copy–I dare you.

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2 Responses to Tough Sledding

  1. Stefanie says:

    I read COSA a very very long time ago and I can’t even tell you what I thought of it, only that I remember I read it. Sounds like you are moving along!

    • booksandbuttons says:

      HA! I read some this afternoon and I can’t even tell you
      what I read! I figure 50 pages a day and I’ll finish in time
      for book club . . . thanks for encouragement

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