Titusville NJ Button Show Sept 12, 2015

It’s Saturday and today was the Titusville Button Show–didn’t
see you there so I’ll let you catch up with some photos.

There was a competition of favorites which any visitor could
vote on–and then a regular club competition.  I took some photos
of the ENAMELS group:  (as usual, click on photos to enlarge)

Titusville Button Show sep 2015 008



Titusville Button Show sep 2015 010

Titusville Button Show sep 2015 011









There were lots of booths for buying–here is an offering of
some fine roosters:

Titusville Button Show sep 2015 005









and the usual “poke” boxes where bargains can be found!

Titusville Button Show sep 2015 003




Titusville Button Show sep 2015 007









I bought a few buttons which I’ll share.  At the admissions table
these darling little 1950s glass crown buttons were being sold–I
bought them in black, white and light blue.  I just about have to
tell you that because the photo is so blurry–sorry!

Titusville Buttons sept 2015 010





Keeping the crown theme in mind, I bumped into this sweet little
gold medal crown with blue stones, a snazzy blue and white French
casein button . . .    and Buster Brown!

Titusville Buttons sept 2015 003









And wasn’t I thrilled to find this fish hook button—-remember
Loic Allio?  Remember his book Boutons ?  Remember that
Francois Hugo made a fabulous fish hook button for Elsa
Schiaparelli?  Look back at my Buttons by Loic Allio and you
will find that this button is quite similar to that one.  I suppose
they all “lifted” ideas from one another—and I have no idea
who designed this fish hook in sort of a polymer material.  But
I like it!!

fish hook button in polymer ©booksandbuttons

fish hook button in polymer ©booksandbuttons










Then a little group that includes a gold medal Paris back (TW&W)
that sure looks like a Kate Greenaway design . . .and an Indian
from the Ozarks–nice, and my favorite—that red and white
collar design button in old celluloid.  I love it.

Titusville Buttons sept 2015 014








Lastly a little group includes—-a butternut button??

Titusville Buttons sept 2015 023





Thanks for tuning in—see you at the next show maybe.





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  1. Stefanie says:

    Very pretty and so much variety! Amazing how much art can go into such a small and useful thing.

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