The Heintzelman Library in Brant Lake NY

This one’s complicated.  So if you already have a headache, skip
right over it.  Just kidding!!!  The little building is darling!  But
you won’t be able to enlarge photos this time through—well, the
map works.  But because I now have Windows 10 I’m having a
lot of trouble editing photos.  Sorry–this, too, will pass.

O’Half and I continued to drive around Warren County in New York to
explore old libraries I had missed as a child.  We drove to Brant
Lake on a Sunday morning.  My mother’s last house growing up before
she was married was near Brant Lake.  I think I have a photo somewhere
and you can be sure I’ll include it.  There were roses on either side of
the driveway she told me years ago.  (ah, here it is)

This photo taken in 1990.Mom’s old house near Brant Lake NY ©booksandbuttons









It was a pleasant scenic drive.  We had driven north up along the
lakeshore from Bolton Landing, and at Hague we took a left on
Route 8 toward Brant Lake.  (click map to enlarge)

sketch of Lake George NY and surrounding towns ©booksandbuttons

sketch of Lake George NY and surrounding towns ©booksandbuttons










Because it was a Sunday morning—and more to the point because
there was a church having a service across the road from the tiny library,
a car was parked blocking a good view for my camera.  But I think you
can still see what a charmer it is . . .

Heintzelman Library in Brant Lake NY

Heintzelman Library in Brant Lake NY








And I  tried to show you that the little library was built
right on Brant Lake –the water backs right up to it.  The stonework
is beautiful and the lettering of “Heintzelman Library” is all in little
special stones.

the library is right ON the lakeshore!

the library is right ON
the lakeshore!



Look at the darling stonework--and the building itself is a beautiful example of masonry . . .

Look at the darling stonework–and the building itself is a beautiful example of masonry . . .













Heintzelman Library sign Bolton Landing trip aug 2015 037


As it turns out, this library outgrew itself and a newer community
center was built which also included the library for the town of Horicon
–including Brant Lake.  But this is where it all started and thanks to
Mrs. Heintzelman who donated the books to begin in 1907–before
you were born . . .


Interestingly enough, there was a church right beside the other church
across the street—St. Teresa’s–which is now an antiques group shop.
Of course we went in and looked around–didn’t buy anything this time.

We had lunch directly on the other side of the little lake–and could see
the library building.  This restaurant, The Hub, doubles as a large bike
repair shop, and, has a very interesting menu!  Check it out online.

We didn’t have time to go to the “real” library in town . . .the little
building we looked at is now used as a town office.  But I think we
probably got to see the cutest little library in the world.

Beautiful day, beautiful ride and I’m sure it’s an awesome drive when the
leaves turn in the autumn.

One library to go!


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4 Responses to The Heintzelman Library in Brant Lake NY

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Nice! The pictures all enlarged for me, except the last one of the blue sign. But! — that sign was also in another picture, so I got to read it. I don’t have Windows
    10, maybe that’s why. Very nice area, and setting, and pictures. Love the old house your mother lived in.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      Oh, Mary Jo thanks for letting me know! When I try to enlarge
      the photos they become wallpaper — and the reason the one with
      the sign didn’t work . . .is because I “fixed” that one !!!!
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Stefanie says:

    What a cute little library! Love the stone work!

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