Bolton Free Library at Bolton Landing NY

I’ve saved the best for last.  And the reason it’s the best is
1. it has such cute architecture
2. it was my very own library growing up

This nice little brown shingled library is probably the reason I
have a blog today!  We were frequent visitors–always had library
books in the house.  Probably the first book I remember from this
library was over in the children’s section and was a large picture
book about a black cat—and the pages were fuzzy.  Wonderful.

Later the Nancy Drews took over my life and I could bring you
today right to the exact shelving where they were kept.

If I remember correctly, the first “real” book I read was Kon-Tiki 
by Thor Heyerdahl.                                    .

The photo shows the nice long walk up to the library building–and
it set the place aside from the main street.  There was a vestibule to
enter, and an umbrella stand there, and you already felt the new
atmosphere of “the library” with the hush of that vestibule area.

Bolton Free Library in Bolton Landing NY

Bolton Free Library in Bolton Landing NY







There was a card catalog of course, and the checkout system was
simple—sign the card at the back of the book and the librarian would
stamp the date due on the small line by your name.  This was a
great system because you could read the names of the people who
had read the book before you checked it out.  And, it being a small
town, you knew them!

The library has been remodeled in years recently and is a spiffy
mission style now, so things have changed a bit.

Bolton Free Library, new secion with blue wainscoting addition

Bolton Free Library, new section with blue wainscoting addition



children's section at Bolton Free Library

children’s section at Bolton Free Library

Bolton Landing library aug 2015 008






first large room at Bolton Free Library---to show the openness--a wide open feeling.

first large room at Bolton Free Library—to show the openness–a wide open feeling.


In the old days you
walked in and there was a huge long table with all sorts of newspapers
and magazines with armed Windsor chairs to sit in for browsing.
And the shelves seemed more isolated, separated into little compartments.

And it was quiet.  Quiet.

I’ll have to go back again when I have more time to look around and
choose some special photos for you.  Til then, I hope you’ve enjoyed
the seven library tours of our visit to upstate New York in August.



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4 Responses to Bolton Free Library at Bolton Landing NY

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Enjoyed it immensely! And all of the pictures expanded nicely. What a pleasant library.

    • booksandbuttons says:

      So good to hear—my little brown shingled library
      photo expands to the moon when I try it. The others
      seem OK. Hope I’ll get it straightened out soon.
      —thanks for letting me know, Mary Jo.

  2. Stefanie says:

    What a cute little library!

    I very much enjoyed the tours! 🙂

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