Shadows on the Coast of Maine by Lea Wait

Hurray!  a new mystery series that’s worth its salt!  This book was
published in 2003.  Although my current “real” read is Lorna Doone 
by R.D. Blackmore, I was easily tempted away for a couple of nights
with this surprise book in the mail.

Maggie Summer receives a phone call from her old college friend who
has bought an early house in Maine—a big wreck of a place—and invites
Maggie to come and visit for a few days.  Amy, the friend who has always
had everything in control, is frantic because of strange things happening
in the old rundown house.  Ghosts?  Phone calls in the night?



The plot deepens QUICKLY and we are off and running trying to solve a series of eerie events, which
finally involve a murder.

Maggie is an antiques dealer—in antique prints in particular–and healthy doses of information about prints and antiques in general are scattered throughout the text.  It’s all interesting and helpful and right on the mark as far as I could see—nothing phony about situations, or shopping for old books and so forth.  All good fun which anyone visiting Maine might like —
lobster dinners, blueberry pie and walks on the beach.  But the darned murder messes
things up a little . . .

Great fun—a twist here and a twist there–and all of a sudden the book
is finished!

Are there more in the series?  Yes!  Are there other series Lea Wait has
written?  Yes—another few about needlework.  These lines of interest
are part of the author’s real life and not a false step is written.  I look
forward to reading more of her books.  What about you?

Two buttons for a good mystery.

two silver colored moose buttons, less than one inch in diam ©booksandbuttons

two silver colored moose buttons, less than one inch in diam ©booksandbuttons


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    I like the “Maine”-esque buttons!

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