Autumn Jigsaw Puzzle

Nights are cooler.  Winter’s coming.  Time–or as close to it–
to start a jigsaw puzzle!

Yes, I’ve started the Big Ben Autumn in New England puzzle I showed
you a little bit ago.  O’Half can’t find Big Ben in it . . .but isn’t it

puzzle Autumn in New England




Or not.  I’m discovering why the people sold it at the garage sale.  I wonder if they ever
put it together.


Take a closeup look at the individual pieces.  Notice anything?  YES! every
single piece, (every single!) has one side that’s kind of straight and wavy.






So we are losing 25% of our clues for
finding a piece–we’re losing a “knob”
or a socket on one side.  That wavy side
gives very little clue.


Will I continue?  Would you continue?  There are 1000 pieces here, folks–
Well, I know I’ll do the blue sky—and then I’ll let you know.








While you’re waiting, see if you can guess why there is a large
red plastic spoon in the puzzle box.  Big prize (ha-ha) for the
first correct guess!


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6 Responses to Autumn Jigsaw Puzzle

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Large red plastic spoon … maybe the little children were playing “stir the soup”? That would be fun!

  2. Stefanie says:

    I love puzzles like that! Keep going! The spoon, to scoop out pieces from the box?

  3. booksilver says:

    To compare the reds?

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