Two Knobbers, Two Holers

This will be fast.  I have hardly any time left to get anything done.
Day before Halloween and all, you know . . .

Of course this has nothing to do whatsoever with Halloween –what is
on my mind is that Autumn in New England puzzle I’m doing! Remember?

puzzle Autumn in New England

Yes, yes, it’s a beautiful scene.  But you have already figured out that about
fifty percent of the puzzle is that large orangey-yellowy tree.  And that’s hard.

I have been tackling it by putting every orangey-yellowy piece all clumped
up together right on the puzzle table, right near the tree—so unlike my usual
organized way of doing a puzzle.  I once chided my mother about this method–
suggesting that she TRY a piece and if it didn’t work, set it aside IN A VERTICAL
ROW outside of the puzzle frame.  But she didn’t want to—-wanted all the pieces
where she could SEE them.  So right.  And that’s what I’m doing.

But this puzzle confounds even that method when there are 800 pieces looking
all the same and very little, frankly, to distinguish one from another.  And the fact
that every piece has a useless little wavy edge instead of a fourth knob or hole.

So I’ve had to go to the Method son-in-law and granddaughter use—lining up the pieces
by their shapes.    Thus I’m lining up the Two Knobbers and the Two Holers.












To be continued . . .


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