Early November

Little update here: puzzle is finished.  The evening spent at the
trick-or-treat answering door on Halloween gave me a lot of time
to get the “work” done.  Since then . . .

I’ve been reading a biography of James Thurber which is pretty good–
will review soon, almost finished.  And am taking an online writing course
brought to my attention by Stefanie at So Many Books (avid reader and
gardener!).  It’s sponsored by the Iowa Writer’s Workshop and is free.

The course is fun because it offers not only writing assignments, but also
lots of suggested reading of short stories, and great interviews by video of
today’s young and not so young authors.  I love listening to how they
constructed their books and it’s like an open door to their thoughts and
processes as they think through their writing.

So, I’m busy.  Still very warm in eastern Pennsylvania this year.  Today will
be 74 degrees . . .  November 5th!

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8 Responses to Early November

  1. Mary Jo says:

    But what about the red spoon, or did I miss something?

  2. booksilver says:

    The red spoon is for tapping on the window when the squirrels get too close to the bird feeder!

  3. Stefanie says:

    So glad you are enjoying the writing class! You do indeed sound busy 🙂

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